About Dusribar

Your Friendly Second Hand Store

Our Story

 Our aim is to empower every person in the country to independently connect with buyers and sellers online. We care about you – and the transactions that bring you closer to your dreams. Want to buy furniture? We’re here for you. Want to sell goods that are of no use now? We’re here for you. Whatever useless goods you’ve got, we promise that you will benefit from them. What is useless for you can be useful for someone. It can be used “DUSRIBAR” !!!

₹100,000 by 2024

Giving Back to the Environment

Touch and Feel Store

The shopper journey continues to evolve as the path to purchase increasingly crosses between physical and digital worlds — and as consumers today bounce between stores, desktops, and mobile devices, retailers are working to devise seamless omnichannel experiences to best serve these changing behaviors. To overcome that, we’ve introduced our own “Touch and Feel” Outlet in Bilaspur so that Shoppers can get the feel of the product before buying it.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our ambition is to help one billion people exchange goods and services through products and services customers love.

Our Vision

We are proud to be different, and we work differently too.We improvise, experiment and listen to our customers.We bring together teams to collaborate in an inclusive environment where all voices are heard.

Our Values

We empower people to upgrade their lives. Our products and services make the exchange of goods and services easy and convenient for everyone. This benefits local communities and beyond, getting one step closer to a world without waste.  


+91 94255 34836


Besides Krishna dairy
Sadar Bazar
Bilaspur CG 495001

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